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Need of the Hour

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family faces emotional , financial and psychological crisis. Not only the affected patients, but also parents, siblings, and grandparents require support in some form or other. Awareness among the patients/their parents is the immediate need of the hour. Psychological and financial support is also essential for the continuing the treatment.

Cancer treatment is prolonged and strenuous, and involves painful pricks, frequent hospital stays, restrictions on food and activities and disruption of daily routine. Even if the doctors explain in detail regarding the illness of their wards, the parents may hold distorted ideas and erroneous information about the disease and its treatment. They rely on information given by relatives, friends or other people, which in most cases is unscientific and this can increase their mental trauma and stress. Support groups can be of invaluable help at this time by extending emotional, psychological and financial support to overcome the mental stress.The parents and the childhood cancer survivors can truly understand the difficulties that the recently diagnosed patients are going through because they themselves have faced similar situation. They are thus able to relate to the patients and gain their confidence in a better way.

Taking into consideration of the above facts, the parents of the childhood cancer survivors and the grown-up survivors formed ‘Pratyasha‘, charitable society — to give support and solace to these patients and families. The aim would be to minimize the development of psychological dysfunction and to maximize the coping ability of the child and family during the treatment regime and thereafter at home or school. Pratyasha acts as a soothing balm to aching minds.

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