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Cancer in Children

Cancer can be enormously devastating physically and emotionally to those battling the disease as well as to their families. Meticulous medication and prompt treatment can ward off the threat to a considerable extent, but it is an accepted fact that patients who maintain a positive outlook and have strong social bonds often respond to better treatment.

According to statistics five percent of the cancer patients in India are children. Cancer in children is rare but is emerging in these days alarmingly. It is quite different from cancers affecting adults. Kerala has achieved high standards in primary healthcare. With high level of family planning acceptance the average number of children in a family being two it is important that the children should get prompt and meticulous medical attention especially when they develop dreaded diseases like cancer.

The common malignancies in children are heamatological ( Leukaemias and Lymphomas ). Most of the cancers in children are curable if they are detected early and treated properly at a good oncological centre. The probability of survival from childhood cancer varies. In general the high survival rates noticed in the wealthiest and western countries is not replicated in developing countries like India. The reasons for this are many, including lack of diagnostic facilities, ignorance,detection of disease in advanced stage, expensive treatment and insufficiency of medical facilities,
With the aim of providing the best available treatment in Cancer, a comprehensive cancer care centre is established at Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum in Kerala. The centre started one of the first pediatric oncology services in the country and is now poised for a great leap in expansion andĀ development. About 600 new cases up to the age of 14 years are registered in the division annually.

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