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  • Cancer cured patients creating conditions for an environment of basic hope to face the illness.
  • Promoting Blood/Platelet donation.
  • Raising funds to meet the expenses of treatment for poor patients.
  • Supplying medicine to patients who are discontinuing treatment because of insufficiency of funds.
  • Supplying a glass of milk with an egg to each patient daily.


  • Create the conditions for an environment of basic hope to face the illness.
  • Support the patients who are getting treatment from the pediatric oncology division of Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), providing proper affordable facilities and services to make the treatment affordable.
  • Promote blood platelet donation.
  • Raise funds to meet the expenses of treatment, providing special sponsorship forms, collecting tins and publicity materials for use of schools/colleges who raise funds.
  • External psychological support to children and by providing psychological reasoning, playing with them, organising socio-cultural activities, tutoring for school days lost, organising rehabilitation and convalescent breaks for children with illness.
  • Create awareness in public regarding the illness and to wipe off unwarranted suspicions of after-effects of the illness, ostracising young people cured of cancer from normal life (study, employment, family life etc).
  • Rehabilitate children who are cured of cancer, impress upon the employers, the importance of giving suitable employment to the cured patients and preventing them from being prejudiced by their previous medical history.
  • Promote greater awareness and understanding of the issues and effects of childhood cancer with other health or child-related organisations.

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